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Join us for our specialty, one-time playdates with your little one! Come paint, explore and play with one of our child development teachers!  You and your child will both enjoy this fun, safe and creative activity together!

See below for information and to register for playdates.

Dads & Donuts Playdate Dad and Child (Mixed Age 12 - 36 months)


Dads, bring your little one in for some playtime and donuts in honor of Father’s Day! There will be open-play at several sensory and active play stations followed by lively parachute time and bubble catching. You and your child will enjoy some special time together doing what you do best…playing! Together, you will paint the wall with paint rollers, build with tools, “mow” the grass and more! We will even help your child make a special little something for you to take home. Register now as spots are very limited!

$30 for child and caregiver.

Baby Paint Night! For ages 9 to 36 months and caregiver


Join us for some painting fun for you and your little one! This special experience led by Melissa Breen is created for painters ages 9 to 36 months and their loving caregiver. Each child will create a colorful canvas displaying his or her first initial.  No worries about your baby following instructions!  All he needs to do is have fun exploring the paint* with his hands or variety of brushes provided.  Your child’s first initial will magically reveal itself when he or she is done exploring!

Supplies and refreshments are included.  Painting and water play in the classroom will be followed by a half hour of free play, socializing and snacks in our Play Zone and cafe.

For ages 9 to 36 months and caregiver!

Registration is required. $30/child

*Paint is non-toxic, safe-to-taste!

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