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Reimbursement Options

Reimbursement Options For Prenatal Classes:

1) Many insurance companies offer reimbursement for all or part of prenatal classes including Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, and Infant CPR, safety classes and lactation consultations.  Learn more about your insurance coverage by clicking on the links below:

2) Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may be used to pay for all or any remaining balance of prenatal classes. To learn more about Flexible Spending Accounts reimbursement, see the page.


Additional Information:

The first New Arrival Educators email you received (confirmation of class registration and payment) can be used as a receipt and/or a copy of your credit card statement if needed.​ You can download our reimbursement letter for insurance companies.

​CPT CODES that your insurance may need for billing and reimbursement:
S9436: Childbirth preparation/Lamaze classes, non-physician provider, per session
S9442: Birthing classes, non-physician, per session
S9443: Lactation Class, no-physician, per session
S9444: Parenting classes, non-physician, per session
S9447: Infant Safety (including CPR) classes, non-physician, per session​

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