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Kellie Perniola, CNA

Kellie is a mother to four children and a nephew; Joey (12,) Nick (13,) Olivia (16,) Dominic (17,) and Ryan (21.) She lives in Norwell with her husband, children, two dogs, Bonzo and Stryder, three cats and a tortoise. She has always enjoyed working with little ones and their fun enthusiasm! She has nannied in the past, worked at Bright Horizons as a classroom supporter, and has many years experience as a CNA in a nursing home. All of her free time is spent at hockey rinks and baseball fields.

Kellie enjoys supervising and playing with children in our Playzone while parents are attending an Over The Moon class with their sibling.  She also minds children in the Playzone for our Drop and Go” Childcare (up to 2 hours for families currently attending classes at Over The Moon.)





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