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Baby Enrichment Classes

Baby Classes

Our enrichment program offers weekly, 1-hour developmental and sensory playtime and parenting guidance for caregivers and their curious little ones.

Each class offers:

  • The perfect balance of structured and free play in a clean and safe environment, as well as Expert parenting advice for caregivers from highly qualified and experienced early childhood professionals
  • Circle time rich with music, props, parachute play and games that foster language development and encourage social interactions
  • Simple and useful sign language used by instructor throughout the class
  • Engaging developmental play activities that focus on specific areas of development, such as water play, finger paint, open-ended craft, and climbing toys
  • Developmental rationale for each activity and the opportunity to discuss milestones and parenting topics such as sleeping, routines, feeding, relationships, behavior and more
  • Consistent, comforting class routines– children learn what to expect and feel safe to play and explore
  • Story time and bubbles
  • 15 minutes of free play in the Explorer Zone
Find a class: Check the listings below for details and rates. Questions: Call the center M-F, 9am - 2pm (781) 347-3189.

Tiny Stars

5 – 7 months

Fee: 7 week for $210


Tiny Stars is for babies that are sitting and perhaps just beginning to crawl.

Get ready to play with your little one!  Each week we will demonstrate and discuss new ideas on how through play your little one can explore concepts of cause and effect and object permanence through playful games of hide-and-seek, fill and spill, instrument play, and pop-up toys.  Other ideas will include, simple water play, sticky contact paper, and finger painting provide sensory stimulation and fine motor practice.   Parenting discussions include nap/nighttime sleep, solid food, language development, temperament and more.

DON’T SEE A SIGNUP BUTTON? Feel free to call the center Monday–Friday, 9:00 – 2:00, at 781-347-3189 and we can help you find a class.


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