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Fee: $40 for 2 hours

Optimal REHAB for your Core, Floor and much More 
Come learn about common conditions that effect women during pregnancy and post- partum like Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) core and pelvic floor issues that if left untreated can lead to lower back/hip pain, stress/urge incontinence and other core and pelvic floor dysfunctions.  Learn how to manage these conditions and safely strengthen your muscles and return to your activities without compromising your core and pelvic floor. Participants will receive a Diastasis/Core strength screen at the workshop.
Nadine Adams, MSPT, CPT and Educator
Women’s Health Physical therapist treating conditions associated with pregnancy & post partum, dysfunctions of the Core and Pelvic floor and specializing in Diastasis Recti(abdominal separation).
Nadine is the creator of the Restore Your Core REHAB™ program, a comprehensive  program combining online training, individualized physical therapy and weekly small group classes retraining the muscles  of the core and pelvic floor.  Goal of treatment is to help promote healing of the separation, treat incontinence, back, hip or pelvic pain and other issues associated with core weakness to gain optimal strength and functional use of the Deep Core System during day to day activities and safely return to fitness. www.restoreyourcorerehab.com
Nadine presents Core, Floor & More REHAB educational workshops on a quarterly basis at Over the Moon Parenting.
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