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Enrichment Center

Norwell, MA & New for July 2024 … Pembroke, MA!


Grandparents Essential Class(NORWELL)

Fee: $85 per couple for 2 hrs

Congratulations Grandparents-to-be! Come meet with other Grandparents for a refresher on newborn care! This is an important time in your life as you prepare to become Grandparents to a precious new addition to your family. Learn from a newborn care expert what new changes have been implemented in baby care and the reasons why! Become more confident as you begin this journey with your family!

Topics Covered:
  • Normal newborn behavior and appearance
  • Updated feeding guidelines
  • Refresher on handling baby using a baby mannequin
  • Practice swaddling baby
  • New and time honored techniques for settling and soothing the newborn
  • Learn about the benefits of skin-to-skin
  • Refresher on burping, holding and changing diapers
  • Practice new infant massage techniques that can help soothe a gassy baby
  • Refresher on bathing a newborn
  • The updated American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for safe infant sleep and infant car seat safety.
  • The updated vaccination guidelines for infants
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