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Norwell, MA & New for July 2024 … Pembroke, MA!


Picky Eating and Mealtime Challenges Recommended for parents with children ages 1 - 5.


Melissa Breen, Over The Moon’s Child Development Director and Teacher will present this important, research-based workshop, parents will learn strategies for helping their child build a healthy relationship with food. We will discuss:

  • Parents’ role in feeding their child
  • Ways to avoid power struggles around food
  • Tips for picky eaters
  • Strategies for responding to difficult mealtime behaviors (i.e. not staying at the table or playing with food)

In addition, caregivers will be provided with a developmental overview of toddler and preschool eating, as well as suggestions for nutritious snacks. There will be time for questions and support with individual concerns throughout the presentation.

$35 Per Person; 2nd caregiver will receive 10% discount.  Please call the center to receive discount. 781-347-3189

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