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New Parent Work Program

Send a clear message to your new parent employees:  “You are an important and valuable member of our team and we support you in your new role as a parent!”

We are excited and proud to offer the New Parent Work Program. This innovative program offers education and support for both the employer and the new parent/employee.  It is based on “real talk” expectations to guide discussion between the employer and the new parent/employee to help build a more seamless, less stressful dialogue and transition of work-load for all as the employee’s “New Baby Leave” approaches.   The New Parent Work Program was created in response to work satisfaction feedback we received from new parents in our classes and new mom & baby groups.  Parents shared many challenges they were experiencing while striving to do their best at work while, at the same time handling many new emotional and physical joys and stresses that come with the arrival of any new baby.

We also started hearing from companies like Incledon Consulting Group [ICG] of California and Hawaii who asked us for guidance on how they could best support their valued new parents/employees. Our New Parent Work Program answered this call and provided ICG  and other companies a “game plan” for success.  This game plan is put into action as soon as the ICG new parent/employee shares that a new baby is about to enter her or his family.  This program provides education and support before and during the employee’s New Baby Leave, helping the this new parent be less stressed and more ready to return to work when the time comes.

The New Parent Work Program provides the new parent/employee individualized education and support during this transitional time with New Arrival Educators Perinatal Education and Support Program, available from early pregnancy to return to work after her or his New Baby Leave.  This innovative education and support program is flexible, with individually tailored, time saving scheduling options for busy employees including informative webinars and an Online Childbirth Education Class the employee can access anytime before and after their baby’s arrival. Phone/Skype support with a New Parent Consultant and/or Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available, all scheduled at a time convenient to the employee.  Now advice and support is available and accessible when needed, and is just a phone call/Skype away!  ​If your company is located in the Greater Boston area,  your new parents/employees also can attend our live perinatal classes.

Is this something that your company would like to provide to its valued employees?



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