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Reviving Routines after Summer

by Brindey Marine • September 7th, 2021

Getting back into a routine after the fun of summer can be hard. Whether you are going back to work after vacation, going back to school, or starting fall play school, we have tips to make the transitions easier.

1. Build out your morning routine for success.

Include a wake-up alarm, breakfast, some time for brushing har and teeth, and getting dressed.

Ask Alexa to play wake-up music like “Morning in the Rainforest,” by Go, Diego, Go.

Try a visual chart like Skidules to help small children get everything done in order.

 Get moving with a morning walk or some yoga for kids.

2. Bring back the bedtime routine – and start early.

Having a set family dinnertime, followed by bath time, a story, and a song – or a similar routine – makes the bedtime routine a long, wind-down process. By starting early, you start signaling to your child’s body that it is time to go to sleep – and you avoid putting wide-awake children into bed and then having trouble getting them to fall asleep. Sleep hygiene – or sticking to a routine – is very important.

3. Clean out your car and your bag – and restock them for success.

Fun in the sun can mean your car gets fun of sand, dirt, collected leaves, dirty clothes, and uneaten snacks. Take an afternoon to clean it all out, and maybe run your car through a carwash with a vacuum station. That will make driving to activities a happier experience for you, and you’ll have everything you need to celebrate fall.

4. Get organized with tools.

Whether you work best with Google Calendar, use a paper planner book, or work best with a bulletin board wall calendar, take some time to sharpen your focus on the coming months. Feeling secure in the plan makes each day easier.  

5. Put technology to good use.

Google Calendar, iCal, and reminder apps like Microsoft To-Do, and Notes are easy tools to use on-the-go from your phone.

Online grocery ordering and repeat delivery services can take the stress of running out of essentials.

Last, Boomerang is a Gmail extension tool that allows you to email future you to remember things that may be to long for a calendar note. For example, after each holiday, you might email yourself for the following year on what worked – and what didn’t.

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