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Art Teacher,

Seeking an experienced teacher for our popular toddler art classes, “Little Art Explorers”. Art classes include children walking to 4 years old and their caregiver. These sensory art classes encourage creativity, exploration, self-expression and sensory fun! Classes have an age appropriate art curriculum and all supplies are provided. The focus of these is classes is introducing the process of art, verses the product.

Class description:

This 45-minute class will start with circle time. This will be followed by your child’s own creative art and sensory exploration station. Your child will paint on the floor and walls, make his/her own mural with various materials, play with water and sand, and much more! While your child is busy playing and exploring, he or she will be practicing important fine motor, cognitive and social skills.

Class schedules are flexible based on teacher availability.  Over The Moon Center is open Monday- Friday, 9 am to 2 pm. GREAT MOTHER’S HOURS!

  • All applicants must be Covid vaccinated.
  • Qualified candidates please send us a cover letter including your qualifications for the positions you are interested in along with your resume to info@OverTheMoonParenting.com.
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