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Norwell, MA & New for July 2024 … Pembroke, MA!


Free Breastfeeding Drop-in Support Group (on hold until SEPTEMBER 2024) Postnatal group


Tuesdays at 1:00 pm! (on hold until September 2024)

Join us weekly for this welcoming breastfeeding group for sharing, connecting, and seeking guidance from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and other mothers.  Come with questions on:  

  • Latching  
  • Feeding Patterns
  • Tongue & Lip Ties 
  • Starting Solids  
  • Introducing Bottles 
  • Biting  
  • Pumping  
  • Milk Storage  
  • Cluster Feeding 
  • Painful Nursing
  • Tandem Nursing 

*Must pre-register 24 hours before this scheduled group! Please call 781-347-3189 with any questions. *May be cancelled, if not at least 3 moms are pre-registered.


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