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Enrichment Center

Norwell, MA & New for July 2024 … Pembroke, MA!


Mother & Baby Care Web App

Fee: $39



What’s included? 

  • High-quality videos
  • Colorful pages with text and photos
  • Parent’s Toolbox, including a feeding/diaper log, milestone tracker, and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
  • Optional weekly emails with timely tips


  • Mother care and warning signs: Lochia, afterpains, perineal healing tips, constipation, hemorrhoids, getting rest, cesarean recovery, signs of infection.
  • Baby blues and postpartum mood disorders: Tips for simplifying life during the first few weeks, signs of PPD, partner’s emotions, getting support.
  • Breastfeeding basics: Skin-to-skin contact, hunger signs, feeding guidelines, positioning and latch, engorgement, signs of mastitis, sore nipples, avoiding artificial nipples, signs of poor feeding.
  • Formula feeding: Formula preparation, feeding guidelines, feeding position, propped bottle warning
  • Baby care and warning signs: Umbilical cord and circumcision care, diapering, stools, jaundice, dehydration, signs of illness, bathing tips, playing with baby.
  • Crying: Responding to cries, abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome), SIDS, car seats, other safety tips.

Notes: *You will receive your class ACCESS CODE within 24-48 business hours.

*You will receive your class ACCESS CODE within 24-48 business hours.
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