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3 Breakfasts for New Moms

by Brindey Marine • March 21st, 2016

Today, we’ve got three healthy breakfasts for new moms that you can pull together in under a minute with one hand tied behind your back (or holding a baby.) These recipes involve minimal dishes and cook time, but maximize nutrition. Eat up!

  1. Overnight oats. Combine equal parts rolled oats and milk, then refrigerate overnight. In the morning, heat it and top it with your favorite mix-ins. (Note: you can use any milk: cow’s milk, soy milk, or yogurt. If you make it for your baby, you can even use breast milk.)
  2. Waffles. Microwave a frozen multigrain waffle topped with frozen berries for 60 seconds, then add a dollop of low fat greek yogurt and serve.
  3. Toast. Spread almond butter and sliced bananas over whole wheat toast, then drizzle a little local honey over it.

For the ambitious who have already had coffee, here are a few more elaborate recipes of great breakfasts for new moms:

  1. Rise and Shine Muffins from Weelicious
  2. Egg Frittatas from Family Fresh Meals
  3. Breakfast Burritos from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

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