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Self Care for Moms

by Brindey Marine • May 12th, 2019

One of the wisest things Margaret, my mother’s group teacher, told me was that a mother can’t nurture a baby when she isn’t feeling cared for herself. Self care for moms is incredibly important, and often gets overlooked in the myriad of tasks that go along with parenthood. Here is a list of ideas to pamper yourself so you can be your best for yourself and for your whole family.

  1. Start counseling early if you are feeling down, stressed out, or angry about something. Talking your feelings out with a professional or a trusted friend is necessary for feeling heard, grounded, supported, and for gaining solid advice.
  2. Schedule a girls night. Being a mom doesn’t leave much room for going out with friends, but it becomes doubly important once you have children. If you can swing it, go in on a hotel room so you can sleep in the next morning.
  3. Take some time to do some reading. Relaxing into a good book is therapeutic and gives your mind a much-needed break from the laundry list of chores around the house. Don’t forget about audiobooks – they are a great way to keep up on new releases if you also need to get chores like folding laundry dishes, or errands done.
  4. Book a fitness class. We offer Mom and Baby Barre, Mom and Baby Yoga, Parent and Child Yoga, and prenatal fitness classes. Getting your heart pumping with a group of friends is good for your health, self esteem, and happiness. If you can’t access a gym with childcare, try a stroller workout or workout video at home.
  5. Get back into a hobby you enjoyed before babies. Gardening, hiking, fishing, painting, knitting, cooking, and playing the piano are all great ways to relax. Pottery and sewing classes, horseback riding and volunteering are also great ways to get out of the house and take some time for yourself. Having just a little time to yourself can be so rewarding – you’ll feel refreshed when you get back home and have a much better attitude when you have to conquer the bedtime routine.
  6. Manicures and pedicures, hair cuts or blowouts, facials, and massages are all soothing ways to pamper yourself. We love Ambrosia day spa next door, but even doing a simple sheet mask and a deep conditioner on your hair can feel luxurious.
  7. Take a walk. It is simple yet soothing to get out of the house and take a stroll around the neighborhood. Babies who don’t like strollers often enjoy carriers, and if you have a dog, they will appreciate the outing, too. Spring makes everyone happier, and saying a quick hello to friendly neighbors is always nice.
  8. Go on errands by yourself. A Target or Home Goods trip sans kids can be life-giving.
  9. If you aren’t ready to hire a babysitter yet and have some alone time outside the house, try a mother’s helper and take some time to update your closet or reorganize your kitchen while knowing your children are cared for in another room.
  10. Schedule your own check-ups because your health is important, too! Yearly physical exams, dental cleanings, ObGyn appointments, and eye exams should all be on your calendar. And don’t forget to do your monthly breast exams.
  11. Getting into a dinner rut is so easy, but break out with cooking classes or a meal delivery service. Services like Hello Fresh, Sun Basket or Blue Apron allow you to choose what you want to make, deliver the ingredients right to your door, and instruct you through making each meal so you don’t have to think about coming up with varied menu options or remembering ingredients in the market.
  12. Get some sleep. There isn’t a mom alive that couldn’t use more Zs. Sleep in, go to bed early, or take an afternoon nap.
  13. Buy yourself some flowers – or have them delivered. Trader Joe’s always has lovely, relatively inexpensive flowers.
  14. Go shopping for clothes and shoes that fit and make you feel good about yourself. After my two pregnancies, my feet grew 2 1/2 sizes. I needed a whole new shoe selection, but was just living in slip-ons until my mom made me go shopping. Don’t wait for an intervention – go now because you deserve to look and feel as cute as your kiddos.
  15. Go on a date with your partner. Spending some time just the two of you is really important for your family. Go see a movie, have dinner, or try mini-golf. Getting dressed up and flirting a little will make you feel more like a person and less like a walking snack dispenser.

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